How It Works

How It Works

Since 87% of all buyers will use an agent to purchase their next home and agents will use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to find homes for their buyers, you will dramatically increase your exposure when you list on the Tulsa MLS. List with 199MLSLISTINGS, pay a $99 upfront fee, and receive the same benefits as sellers who pay 6%.

In a traditional real estate transaction, you would pay around 6% at closing. Out of this 6%, half, or 3% usually goes to the listing agent, and 3% goes to the buyer’s agent. With a 199 flat fee listing, you eliminate the 3% listing commission and replace it with the flat fee listing price. You get all the same exposure and the same MLS listing that you normally would for a full 6%.

If a buyer’s agent is involved in bringing a buyer to you, you still pay a commission to that agent as you would in a traditional real estate transaction — this is what motivates them to show your home. However, through the whole process, you retain the right to sell your home yourself to save even more money.

Listing a property on the Tulsa MLS notifies all Tulsa area agents that your home is for sale. Since 87% of buyers are represented by agents, you must connect with them to get the maximum number of offers! The best way to connect with these agents and their buyers is to list on the Tulsa MLS with a 199MLSListing.


*Find your own buyer and eliminate Buyer’s Agent 3% commission.

Steps to getting your property on the Tulsa MLS. After we have all the required information about your home. You will be listed on the Tulsa MLS within 2-business days.

  • Click on the “List Now” link at the top of the page to fill out the form about your property. You will have the option to pay online using PayPal’s secure website or you can mail us a check.
    We also have a program to defer payment to be collected at your closing. Call for details.
  • After we receive your order. We will gather additional information about your property then email all additional required forms needed to list your house.
  • We will have your home listed within 2-business days after we receive your completed forms and photos. Please email up to 36 photos to If you need professional photos we can arrange for our photographer to take your photos. This is an optional $150 fee.
  • After receiving an email copy of your MLS listing, review it and make any changes/corrections.
  • Your listing fee is good for a one- year listing. However, if you decide to cancel your listing, you may do so at anytime without refund or additional charges.
  • Agents will use the Central Showing Service (CSS) to set up a showing or you can have the agents call/text you directly for showings. It is up to you how you want agents to contact you.
  • When you accept an offer, either from an agent or from a buyer not working with an agent, please notify us within one business day so your property status can be updated as required by the Tulsa MLS.
  • After closing on your property let us know so we can close out your listing on the MLS.
  • Then tell everyone you know how much money you saved using

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Let 199MLSListings help SAVE YOU THOUSANDS by listing your home on the Tulsa MLS.